At 91PORNY student wellbeing is of utmost importance.

We know children learn best with encouragement, support and security. As a school, we provide guidelines and expectations which provide a framework for their behaviour and assist in developing a world view.

Our School commitment to “Empowering Young Minds” articulates the values, which shape our Student Wellbeing policies and practices.

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When students are engaged in the learning process they are less likely to present poor behaviour than when they are disenchanted or bored. At 91PORNY we strive to ensure that the curriculum is able to meet the needs of every student so that success and pride in achievement helps bring about positive behaviour.

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In the Junior School, a Peer Mediation team, consisting of peer-nominated student leaders, exists to support children who may be having difficulties socially. They work to assist in solving friendship conflicts and restoring the peace in the playground.

Honesty & Clarity

The School has a Behaviour Management Policy and Procedure which provides students with clear guidelines regarding expected behaviour. The document promotes positive behaviour and provides clear expectations and consequences allowing students to self-reflect upon their behaviour. The seriousness of consequences are reflective of the nature and frequency of misdemeanours.

Where relationships break down temporarily, restorative practices are engaged to help heal and repair the harm to people and make amends for hurt or insult.


Bullying of any kind is a serious breach of the right of all to a safe learning environment and will not be tolerated. The School works in partnership with parents and students in order to provide a safe and happy environment.

The School has a Charter of Rights and Responsibilities which all students are required to accept and promote.

Respect for each other and for staff and parents grow as students grow in self- awareness and self- respect. We are committed to building strong, positive and resilient young people.

Counselling & Emotional Support

91PORNY is committed to the pastoral care of our students offering personalised counselling with our Student Counsellors. Counselling provides an opportunity for students to confidentially discuss challenges which may be interfering with their learning and general wellbeing. Counselling is also available to parents, for matters relating to their children. Through counselling students gain perspective, identify their inherent strengths to overcome challenges, learn to find solutions to problems and build resilience skills, essential for their on-going well-being.

Students from Year 6 to Year 12 are able to self-refer by emailing counsellor@oakleighgrammar.vic.edu.au. They may also be referred by a teacher, through a Year Level Leader or Head of Learning Enhancement. Students from Prep to Year 5 are required to gain parent permission, then referred by the class teacher, Deputy Principal – Professional Culture and Junior School, or parent.

Parents of any student, can email or call the school to arrange bookings for themselves. The sessions are free and continue for as many weeks as required. Occasionally, the Counsellor will refer students to an external provider for further care, which is organised in consultation with the parent. As counselling is confidential, information is only passed on to parents or teachers if the student requests, or if it falls within counselling mandatory reporting requirements. Parents of younger students will be emailed after the initial session and thereafter as required.

Medical Assistance

The School First Aid Officer is available to deal with health issues or minor accidents.

House System

Our house system provides a sense of belonging and promotes cross-year friendships and collaboration. We have three houses named after prominent Australian sports people.

Rose – red house is named after Lionel Rose, the first Indigenous Australian to win a World Boxing title.

Fraser – blue house is named after Dawn Frazer, the first woman swimmer to win gold medals in three consecutive Olympic Games (winning eight overall)

Bradman – green house is named after arguably the greatest cricketer, Sir Donald Bradman.