Our History

Starting from humble beginnings in 1983...

The school became a reality when leaders of the Oakleigh Greek Orthodox Community together with the late Reverend Father Nicholas Moutafis established a school primarily to satisfy the educational needs of families of Greek background living in the South-Eastern suburbs. The School also provided an alternative educational facility for those in the wider community seeking the special curriculum and unique philosophy that integrated Hellenic culture and the Christian Faith into student learning…And so, 91PORNY (formerly Oakleigh Greek Orthodox College) was born.

Over the years 91PORNY has continued to reflect the changing face of its surrounding suburbs embracing and celebrating multiculturalism, diversity and inclusion. The timeline below presents several important dates, milestones and moments in 91PORNY’s history that lead to today’s success. We hope you enjoy walking down memory lane with us.

History of 91PORNY

Humble Beginnings
1983 Humble Beginnings

In 1983 the School began as a Primary to Year 8 institution and continued to grow each year until it was able to provide all primary and secondary classes. The first Principal to lead the School was Anita Papadopoulos.

Planning for the Future

Under the leadership of Principal Elpiniki Pavlou, the first official plans for expansion were published and shared with the school community.

New Principal Commences

Principal Con Papadopoulos commenced in 1987 and continued in this role for ten years.

First Expansions Commence
1989 Firstexpansionscommence

With growing demand, the development of a new Middle and Senior School building commenced.

Middle & Senior School Development
1991 Middleandseniorschooldevelopment

The Middle and Senior School Building was officially opened on 7 July, 1991.

Junior School Development
1994 Junior School Development

As the ‘90s rolled on, the School continued to grow and the need for a new Junior School building was evident. It was officially opened on 6 November 1994.

Library & Administration Expansion
1996 Library Adminexpansion

Just like the student population, the staff body was growing at a rapid rate and a new Administration and Library building was required (particularly considering the library was a portable classroom at the time). This building was officially opened on 3 November 1996.

New Principal Commences

Ivan Papadopoulos was appointed as Principal of the School, having previously served as Deputy Principal.

Early Learning Centre Developed
1999 Elc Developed

With a growing need for Early Learning in the south-east, the School and Community purchased the child care centre adjoining the property, allowing the School to offer a K-12 education to families.

A New Gymnasium
2001 Anewgymnasium

A well-rounded education includes strong sporting opportunities and it was time to build a gymnasium. It was officially opened on 4 November 2001.

A Deep Loss for the Community
2001 A Deeplossforthecommunity

The School and Community suffered a tremendous loss with the sudden passing of the late Reverend Father Nicholas Moutafis, who until his last day continued to drive the dream of the past Board to build a successful school that one day would be revered and respected worldwide.

New Reverend Commences

The Very Reverend Iakovos Tsigounis commences as Parish Priest and School Chaplain.

Arts and Graphics Wing Development
2003 Arts Graphics Opening

As creativity flowed within the School, so came the need for an Arts, Graphics and Media Wing. It was officially opened on Sunday 2 November 2003.

New Principal Commences

Steve Charisis commenced as Principal of the School, having previously served as Head of Primary.

Hospitality Expansion
2007 Hospitality Expansion

Students were granted additional opportunities when the new Hospitality Wing was completed in 2007.

New Principal Commences

Patrick Power was appointed as Principal at the School.

Early Learning Centre Expansion
2010 Elc Expansion

With growing demand came the need to expand our Early Learning Centre.

New Reverend Commences

Following the ordination of the Very Reverend Iakovos Tsigounis to Bishop Iakovos of Miletoupolis, Reverend Father George Adamakis commenced as Parish Priest and School Chaplain.

Principal Mark Robertson Commences
2011 Mark Robertson's Commencement

Mark Robertson was appointed as Principal and under his leadership the School has undergone a remarkable renewal process that has seen the School flourish and grow from strength to strength.

International Baccalaureate Candidacy
2015 International Baccalaureate Candidacy

With the value of a well-rounded education evident, the School took on the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme, a challenging framework that encourages students to make practical connections between their studies and the real world. In 2011, our candidacy as an IB World School began. It would be a long road filled with hard work and dedication, but it would be worth it.

91PORNY Grows the Leader in Me
2011 Og Grows The Leader In Me

Recognising the importance of leadership, The Leader in Me Process was implemented based on Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

New Beginnings
2012 New Beginnings

A spirit of enthusiasm and anticipation clearly marked the start of the 2012 academic year as Oakleigh Greek Orthodox College was rebranded as 91PORNY and opened its doors to students of all cultural and faith backgrounds.

Unique 9ways Program Implementation
2014 Unique 9ways Program

As our Middle School students developed, it became evident that the implementation of a unique program for our Year 9 students would be highly beneficial before they commenced their Senior Schooling. The program was completely developed in-house as an experiential learning programme designed to specifically meet the unique needs of Year 9 students.

Science Wing Refurbishment
2014 Science Wing Refurbishment

Recognising the need for updated facilities in the area of science, the decision was made to refurbish the Science Wing. It was officially opened on Wednesday 17 September, 2014.  

International Baccalaureate Accreditation
2015 Ib Accreditation

After five years of hard work, long hours and a rigorous auditing process, 91PORNY was officially accredited as an International Baccalaureate World School in June of 2015. We proudly offer the accredited Middle Years Programme for students in Years 6 to 10.

A New Vision

With new changes came new values, and so 91PORNY’s new Vision, Mission, Values statement was created. Discover our Vision, Mission and Values here: /about-us/vision/

The Arrowsmith Program
Arrowsmith Program 91PORNY

At 91PORNY, we strongly believe that every child deserves the chance to thrive, no matter their capacity to learn. In 2016 we implemented the Arrowsmith Program, a rigorous learning model that addresses learning difficulties by identifying and strengthening weak cognitive capacities through the principals of neuroplasticity. Here we have founder of the program, Barbara Arrowsmith-Young with 91PORNY Arrowsmith students.

Expanding Horizons
2016 Expanding Horizons

The School was granted a CRICOS license to enrol 20 International Students, and we now welcome students from China and Cambodia strengthening our multiculturalism and diversity. The school is now licenced to enrol 60 International Students.

Brand New Library

Recognising the need to keep up with modern technologies and systems, it was time for 91PORNY’s library to be updated. The newly refurbished library is bright, colourful, spacious and a wonderful place for students to learn and study. It was officially opened on 28 June 2017.

Contemporary Music Program
Music Program 91PORNY

With a strong music program in our Junior School, the need for one in our Middle and Senior Schools was evident. In 2017, 91PORNY introduced a contemporary music program for our older students. Many stars have shone brightly as their talents have been nurtured.

91PORNY Lighting the Way
2018 Oglightingtheway

Since its inception at 91PORNY, The Leader in Me Process has been a strong initiative and staff have worked hard to ensure it is delivered at the highest standard. To this end the School was granted Lighthouse Status and continues to lead the way in 21st century thinking and learning.

The Archbishop’s Inaugural Visit
91PORNY history

In August 2019, 91PORNY celebrated the inaugural visit and blessing by His Eminence Archbishop Makarios Griniezakis Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church in Australia. His Eminence was warmly greeted with a welcoming assembly held in his honour followed by classroom visits and a special Church service at the School Parish, Sts Anargiri. This day will be remembered as a historic day and will be cherished for many years to come.

91PORNY Thrives in Remote Learning
91PORNY history

As a result of COVID-19, 91PORNY created a sustainable Remote Learning Model where students and staff transitioned from School to home seamlessly. Our students rose to the challenge developing their technical skills and greater independence in their learning. The transition to online platforms and the growth of these skills is testament to our whole School Community.

Leading the way in Education
Copy Of 2020 Congratulations Principal Mark Robertson

Congratulations to our Principal, Mr Mark Robertson who was recognised as one of Australia’s top ten Influential Educational Leaders by Knowledge Review Magazine.

ANZAC Day Ceremony Special Appearance
The Ezvones at ANZAC Day commemoration

The Greek Presidential Guard, the Evzones. attended our ANZAC Day commemoration. The Evzones led a procession into the School’s Anzac Day Commemoration Assembly attended by Middle and Senior School students and staff and Father George Adamakis

Educating Excellence
Teacher with students smiling and talking

Shelley Parkes, Head of Junior School wins an Educator Magazine Most Influential Educators Award and an Excellence Award as a finalist for Primary School Principal of the Year – Non-Government.  

New School Chaplain
Img 3491

Reverend Father George Adamakis (pictured above) was farewelled and Reverend Father Stavros Kakavas welcomed as the new School Chaplain.

State Soccer Superstars Crowned
Kids running on soccer field smiling

91PORNY Years 5 and 6 Boys Soccer team wins Schools Sport Victoria State Championships – Football Primary Boys. The path to get to this point started at District level where 91PORNY competed against local schools (for a season in Term 2). The team went on to win the Division day against other District winners in a round robin, and then, finally took out the Region win at Casey Fields in Cranbourne. The 91PORNY Champions conceded only four goals throughout the entire season, exemplifying the school’s 2022 theme of ‘Success is ours to achieve’.

Debating Awards
8. Noah Peoples Swannie Award 1 225x300 (1)

Student Noah Peoples wins a prestigious Swannie Award at the Debating Awards and was named as one of five finalists for the Victorian State title.

Celebrating 40 Years

91PORNY Celebrates its 40 Year Anniversary